Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mary May: "As before" mode "Version 3.0"

It could be considered the "Jenifer Québécoise" For Mary May began his career with the first edition of Star Academy in Quebec. Proud of four albums, the singer presents "Like Before," the new single from his album "Version 3.0". In 2008, Marie Mai had made a pass by our country by offering his album "Dangerous Attraction Tour" with especially the singles "Who Will My Place" and "Lying".

Upon its release, the album had collected a small home that has nevertheless not prevent the artist from Quebec to continue its carrièe. Sacred recently "Female Vocalist of the Year at last ADISQ Les Victoires de la Musique in Quebec, Marie Mai unveils new horizons with" Like Before, "from his new album" Version 3.0 ".

"As before" is a pretty ballad that dresses very rock album yet. Marie Mai had said during the release of his album, "This is the song of the album that speaks to me most likely. As before this is full of nostalgia that we all can live, occasionally, in those moments when you would like to escape the realities of life to reconnect with the lightness and spirited child.

" The title "Like Before" is gracefully punctuated with a simple keyboard and string instruments for a very harmonious. For those of you wishing to purchase the album of Marie-Mai "Version 3.0", platinum in Quebec, the latter is also available in Europe. On the album, you find the song "Like Before" and other hits of the singer as "It is I," "Already far" and "Keep your tears"

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