Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"The Fountain" comes to Venezuela to promote her new album "Gloria"

Gloria Trevi, Mexican singer, will give two concerts in Venezuela, on 26 May at the Forum of Valencia and 27 May at the Centro Comercial Ciudad Tamanaco (CCCT) in Caracas. The singer will return to Venezuela through Group Emporio because of the promotional tour for his new album called "Gloria", with her new single "I laugh at you." This is the eighth album by singer, was released on March 22, 2011 and debuted in first place in the Billboard.

Tickets will be on sale from Tuesday 12 April, for the function in Caracas Tuticket can be purchased. com, Esperanto San Ignacio, Piso 5 CC Toulon and CCCT Tecniciencia Sambil Books and Recordland Sambil and Las Mercedes. For 26 May in Valencia will be available in Grupoforum. com, the Forum box office and Metropolis CC, Level Sun Gloria Trevi has established itself as one of the icons of the most outstanding Latin pop music from the 90's, and a singer admired in many countries in Latin America.

The artist arrived in Mexico City at 16 years old seeking any opportunity in the art world, and then joined the female vocal quintet "Painted Heartbreak", where he recorded several tracks of his own. His defiance and courage transformed into a unique business icon, and for this reason after their first album called "What am I doing here," released in 1990, was established as a leading artist in his country.

Trevi offered an irreverent attitude and style made fashionable by torn stockings and colorful and bold, this positioned the Mexican artist in the international scene as a revolutionary in the Latin music industry. The album "Your Guardian Angel" published in 1991, was introduced in the Spanish-speaking countries, and among Latinos in the United States, making his first single "Hair Loose," an anthem of youth Across the continent, with which he managed to win eight gold records and three platinum records.

In 1992 she published "I feel so alone", where the theme "With eyes closed," spent more than eight consecutive weeks at the top of the charts in more than 10 countries. Later, he took a break and decided to settle in Los Angeles, United States, and this is where important deals headlines in newspapers across the country, as The New York Times, "The New Yorker," People Magazine " "LA Times and the Wall Street Journal, among others.

Her fourth album, "More troubled than ever," an innovative concept developed and mature, and in 1995 presented the album "If you take me with you." Trevi resurfaced in the spotlight with "How the Universe was born," ranked as the best pop album of 2004 according to Billboard publication and certified platinum.

Two years later he released "The Journey" live album that contains videos and four previously unreleased songs like "Todos me Miran" global success, "Suffer me with joy," "Morning Star" and " Ungrateful. " In late 2007, released their album entitled "Una Rosa Blu", length album that did that for the first time in 15 years, Trevi occupied the third place on Billboard with radios popular in Mexican and American.

The repercussions of its success led to get "The Key to the City of Miami" and "The Key to the City of Los Angeles", as well as celebrations in his honor in the city of Atlanta and Chicago in U.S., and invitations to make presentations before members of Congress in Washington DC. Took part in the Carnaval de Las Palmas, Canary Islands, TVE broadcast live throughout Europe, and was invited to the Coliseum of Puerto Rico to sing a duet with Olga Tanon, "what you get." Later launched "Una Rosa Blu Deluxe Edition" that includes 20 songs, including an unreleased track, it also contains videos and remixes, and in less than a month, took the top album sales in Mexico and the United States.

The clear, simple and direct reflected in his lyrics, and cutting-edge attitude and energy, to transform the Fountain in the Latin pop artist number one in Latin America.

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