Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lady Gaga falls back on a concert in Houston

The extravagant costumes of Lady Gaga have played a trick on the singer during a concert in Houston (Texas, USA). Her high heels could not stand one of your antics and made him fall back on stage. However, the sharp drop just flinch at the singer, who got up and continued to sing without the microphone at least take off your hand in no time has inforamdo the Hollywood Reporter.

The bump occurred during one of their complicated numbers in their concert in Houston last Friday, when he jumped from a grand piano to a stool with such bad luck that the heel seat and shifted the singer ended up back on the ground. Dressed only in a black bikini, Lady Gaga joined instantly without missing a note of your success You and I, leaving his followers impressed.

"He fell very tall and looked like it had done much damage. The public saw him and I do not think anyone would have minded if he had gone to the doctor check your back. But it was a pro and he stood to finish his song. It was unbelievable, "said Eric Souknary, a young man who made a video of the crash, Britain's Daily Mail The news has increased in U.S.

and foreign publications with a certain confusion, both in the concert venue as of the date, place many media Sunday even though, according to its website, the singer made no action on that date. Lady Gaga, immersed in his tour of Monster's Ball Tour, released on April 19 its new single, Judas.

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