Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cristian Castro video recording with his father and José José

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Those who attend the concerts of the tour Cristian Castro "Viva Tour Prince" will be greeted with a video involving the Mexican singer's father, Manuel "El Loco" Valdez, and Jose Jose. The three players met for more than 5 hours last week in Mexico City to record images that appear at the beginning of the presentation of the tour, in which Castro will visit 18 countries, said in a statement Tuesday Universal Music Latino.

Castro's father, however, did not accompany him in concerts. Castro is promoting his latest album "Live The Prince", a tribute to the so-called "Prince of Song, José José. The artist sings "La Nave del Olvido", "El Triste", "Amor Amor", "Gavilan o Paloma" and "Amar y Querer" and a duet with José José himself, "let bygones be bygones." "Long Live The Prince-produced by Rafael Pérez Botija, who had worked with José José-was released in November 2010.

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