Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TV On The Radio presented the film from his new album Nine Types Of Light

Did not look bad in principle what they have done TV On The Radio with his new album Nine Types Of Light that today has been on the streets. Instead of going every so often presenting a video of one of their songs, usually their singles, they have dropped a stroke one hour of footage. A film that has been directed by the same Tunde Adebimpe.

One idea could be very original and give a lot of game, but nevertheless remains in the viewing of ten video clips of the ten songs containing their fifth studio album, followed, without any connection to each other, presented at the start and interlude by some other characters that make presenters.

To me I still do not have time to watch the entire movie, as I write this I swallowed half and if I tell you the truth is boring enough. Neither the songs nor videos tell me much. Needless to say, the movie does not work, only for big fans. Enjoy it, I, or change much the thing or, I do not get to the final.

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