Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gustavo Cerati mother says the singer responds to certain stimuli

Gustavo Cerati's mother, said the musician's reactions to certain stimuli encourage the family and make them keep the faith in their recovery. "We are every day beside him and noticed reactions. Sometimes I hail him and grabs my hand strong. I've done that see a specialist. It also has problems on the left side, but you can move the right leg , arm, there are reactions that encourage us.

Of course, not continuous, but as we all day with him, I see, "said Lilian Clark to public television in Argentina. In addition, Cerati, "was extremely excited when they go to sing. When I visited Luis Alberto Spinetta, he made movements. When you go Ricardo Mollo, Divided leader and he plays the guitar, I noticed movement.

Move your mouth or you raise the pulse "he said during the interview." Gustavo is strong. Lucky has a very solid body, which has spent a few difficult events, but has exceeded them. want to live and will live. But wait. This is a long-term illness difficult. But I have faith, "said Clark.

The mother of the former leader of the disbanded band Soda Stereo further admitted that he "filled with emotion," the tribute he gave his son the leader of U2, Bono, who when you open one of the three concerts he gave two weeks ago in the Buenos Aires city of La Plata asked not to forget the Argentine rocker.

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