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Interview with Víctor García (WarCry) I: "If it was a bombshell Alfa Pillari us off-site"

Alfa (Jaus Records, 2011), which has been launched today, April 15, on sale is the seventh studio album which for many, and for me, is the best heavy metal band state: WarCry, and. Victor Garcia continues to lead a band that has chosen this time to take care of everything: recording, editing and distribution.

In the summer start to turn by Spain and I dream of returning to play in Latin America, where just returned after visiting Mexico and Chile. Here is the first part of an interview that lasted just over an hour. Are you very excited about this new job? Yes, the truth is that yes, I'm not sure why, but I notice something special, the songs, the way we did.

It is also the first album Santi Novoa as an official member of WarCry. And you've been happy? It's been a long process but I stayed, not all happy, but quite happy, and the response we've had before departure from whom you have heard is very positive. Now the decision rests with the public.

Two years ago you said that a disc was a sort of collector's item, now what is it? It is still something like the stamps, some collection. We are going to sell on our website and possibly in some chain stores like Fnac, which is culture-related product. We are not interested in other malls have it because the conditions for the group are not good, be it warehousing, transportation, returns, bad location on the shelf ...

What do you have the concept of the cover of Alfa? The belief that there are no endpoints, everything is a full stop or a point and followed. The image is a solar macroexplosión Alfa title refers to a principle. It is a contrast between destruction and the beginning. Based on the history of WarCry told us we were going back lyrics and epic story, something we had left, we have evolved is not a beginning nor an end, is then going back a little different, changing concepts of revolution but WarCry being, in short, there is a break.

You keep expecting Dani Alonso for graphic design, how you work with him? I give an idea of what to me I can think about what would be the cover, we discuss it and arrived at a common point. Like any creative idea you have to come, and always has flashes of great quality. It's difficult for both parties but is very positive.

Alfa I think is the best-sounding album by WarCry hope so, after seven albums. We are told that is the most compact. We are in a good time, musical and personal, since late 2008 and going towards the three years together and it shows stability. We found a very good group of people on a personal level and our concept is clear: work to music.

Dani Sevilla is the producer, what can you say about him? It has many good things. One of the most important is his nature, is a very quiet person. I was in Darna, which was a group musically similar melodically to WarCry, and his ideas have been good to me. It was the first time that I have not been in the entire recording.

It is one more staff person on stage as is our technical monitors. We wanted to recover energy from previous albums and he understood perfectly. How to choose the new code? I'm very lazy, but it seems the opposite, and in the writing process and I see more or less that can go in and when presented to the group and are finished with all the instruments recorded and what is my idea, and then started to work on them, contributing ideas.

We made a model in the study to see if we were all playing the same, were heard and saw how the numbers recorded. Even in the recording ideas emerged. Some say that the discs are not completed but left. I have read your comments on that last album, Revolution, was more loose, how Alfa will things change? They said it was softer, a pothole, the themes were more love.

There are a group of hit a kick upward. We have been moving disk to disk, slowly. I would worry about it any other way, if it became a blockbuster, because we Pillari off-site. I know that for every follower of WarCry say that we have recovered the double bass, fast songs and choruses very marked, played with hard rock, speed and other things but they all have the unmistakable mark WarCry.

But in the end the judges are people. What are the issues? We have never been conceptual. The public appreciates that a disc will offer different themes. We speak of abuse, from when you arrive at a time when they call you sir, overcoming cancer, people who think everything without knowing anything ...

And the ballad tells of a request to your partner so that when continued failure with his life. Pablo García's work has been huge for him is a big challenge having to record all the guitars and solos. Disk to try not to repeat, with five tracks is easier than ten. Has had a terrible job on this new album.

The guitar is his world and this is reflected in the outcome. The same day the album is out on the Internet, how does an author this? We are aware of it. Also, do not see anyone with a CD player on the street. I was always against massive piracy but now with the Internet is massive. The download pages do not broadcast the music usually nonprofit.

Then there is the issue that in some countries the album will not arrive, we played some of them and there are thousands of fans who know all our songs you've downloaded through the network. A record is an excuse for a group rejoins the road? When a group has spent two years with an album, playing in Spain or outside Spain, gives you the feeling of blowing smoke.

Six months after you leave an album people are still demanding more. It is an obligation when you call back you have something new to contribute. As we toured the limit from time to time we have to give new material. Although this time Alfa is the record that most have been slow to do. Is there a desire to return to the road? Many.

Last year we played very little and we started playing in 2011 Chile and Mexico with a good feeling, all that will rise much morality and the road is a vice, a very strong drug. How are WarCry on tour? The road is not as pretty. We can not lower our standards, we know we have to do your best, and we are going to ask to be provided the same level.

We live it and some musicians do not have this concept very clear: we know who we work. Drinking four beers time we have at home. "The band has packed more with the entry of Santi Novoa on keyboards? We have been growing slowly. Criticism never talked about the two superguitarristas with which we worked.

Now the band is very proportionate. Santi Novoa heard heavy but comes from the classic. There is an agreement that when we played it told us it was very Bach. He did not want to blend in no time but has given it another group. The whole album is well proportioned musically. He'd wanted to put some time and that Hammond has given a touch more retro, enriching the recording.

But in everything there is an overall view. Have you ruled out adding a second guitarist? There are no endpoints. We have spent a complicated process of entering and after the departure of Jose Rubio, who left us a little selling, the entry of Santi Novoa. There have been many changes in a few years and reached the stability we thought it a lot.

If tomorrow we see someone as a musician and as someone who brings something we know, not a new guitarist, but a violinist or a cellist.

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