Monday, April 18, 2011

Kings of Leon and the series 'Glee' bury the hatchet

The crossing of insults and recriminations among members of the rock band Kings of Leon and the Glee show's creator, Ryan Murphy, came to an end after months of confrontation caused by the group's refusal to give up his music for the familiar "show." "There is resentment," said the leader of the formation, Caleb Followill, during his recent performance at the Coachella Festival (California), as published on Monday the CNN website.

Fuck you, Kings of Leon confrontation began in January, when Murphy did not mince his words when he criticized the band, who chose not to allow the use of his song Use Somebody in the TV series, unlike the large Most artists, like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. "Fuck you, Kings of Leon," he said then.

"They're self-centered and have lost the north. They know that a child of 7 years may see someone that age singing a song of theirs and that may prompt you to start playing a musical instrument," he added. The drummer, Nathan Followill, said: "Let him. Sees a therapist, get a manicure or buy a new bra" while explaining that the band had rejected the proposal because they were unfamiliar with the series and felt that their great success, Use Somebody, the theme that Murphy wanted to include, and sounded in too many places.

They are egocentric and have now lost nortePero Murphy has apologized and has buried the hatchet. "Who am I to tell them to fuck. It was not what I meant. I fully understand if artists do not want a standard or another artist touch her songs. In fact, I respect it. It is his personal work and I'd feel the same way, "he said.

"I'm glad you talked about," said Caleb. "I'll be happy when I check Google alerts and do not have to read anything about us associate with Glee. It will be a wonderful feeling," Followill said.

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