Monday, April 18, 2011

Chucho and Bebo Valdés, doctor honoris causa of the University of Berklee

Madrid, April 18 (EFE) .- The Cuban pianists Bebo and Chucho Valdés will be invested on May 7, doctor honoris causa of the Berklee College of Music in Boston (USA), a recognition that will give "a greater dimension to all musicians who share the roots of Latin jazz, "he told Efe Dionysus Jesus" Chucho "Valdés.

With this appointment Cuban music and Latin jazz "are in luck," Chucho although this recognition is due to the work of his father, with whom he recorded in 2009 the album "Together Forever." It is the dream of any artist, of any musician, "said Valdes, double doctorate proud to be son of" one of the great artists of Cuban music, as well as a composer with "a history and influence" that has weighed on "other generations" .

'As a child I promised (a drink) that was not going to disappoint them and said he would study music. I followed your advice and I've developed as Chucho "Valdes said, who recalls that Berklee has awarded the doctorate no less than Dizzie Gillespie, Duke Ellington and Chick Corea, among others.

The investiture as a doctor "honoris causa" is also "a tribute to 'latin jazz', the Afro-Cuban music and Caribbean," said Valdes, happy for a recognition that gives a dimension greater than the musicians and music " . "This is tremendous," said the artist, 69. Cuban pianist Sweet enjoys a moment after receiving a Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album for "Chucho's Step", an album that was a result of "research and creativity." 35 years received the same award for the first album released with Irakere, the band that began to experiment and fuse the rhythms of Afro-Cuban tradition.

"I was born listening to the rhythms 'Yoruba' of the religion, then it was piano student Bebo and told how they could be the piano, "said Chuck, whose effort is to bring the rhythms of percussion to piano, an idea began to prowl in his head when he was only 8 years. But Bebo is not the only mentor of Chucho, who believes the musician Leo Brower "spiritual guide" with which he also learned harmony and composition.

"Leo (Brower) is the most important Cuban musician of the story, not the twentieth century, but of all time, "said Chuck, proud to have shared with the former director of the Orquesta de Cordoba 45 years in front of the Teatro Musical de La Habana. For the story will be "Black Mass", the masterpiece of Chucho, who premiered the piece in 17 minutes by 1978, which included Dave Brubeck as a sponsor, a conductor convinced that the Cuban experiment was unique.

" Who had seen bata drums jazz? "he asked rhetorically this author in love with the merger. Despite numerous awards and recognitions, the music teacher, studied teaching and teaching-look to the future and preparing new projects with his current band, the Afro Cuban collective Messengers.

Javier F. Jódar

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