Monday, April 18, 2011

Lady Gaga: "At school I had a chance to call me bitch, ugly or dyke"

In the May issue of Vanity Fair, one of the magazine reporters traveling with Lady Gaga herself to London and Paris for the publication of his new album, Born this way. In this very extensive interview, part of his eccentricities as an artist, the singer proves to be a serene and nothing humble star.

According to the magazine Vanity Fair, Lady Gaga is someone unfailingly polite and surprisingly decent. And no wonder, after twelve years of private school attendance older women in Manhattan, where she was the ugly girl nerd. I also was the sort of person, really bad, an unsuitable "I was the girl who at school was walking down the hall and had a better chance of being called a slut, ugly, Nose, nerd or dike", confessed Gaga, who now has become a true icon of fashion and music.

Definitely, a whole diva. It takes three years on tour without having taken a break but, above all, the great artist nothing is realistic and modest: "I have a lot of talent. I think one of the best voices in the industry. And I'm one of the best songwriters. I can not say it's one of the best dancers, but I'm pretty good at what I do.

" "I invented myself from head to toe," admits the artist. Moreover, it is no secret that Lady Gaga has a particularly intense relationship with his followers, whom she has dubbed his "little monsters." Sometimes being on stage is like fucking with my fans, "I see myself reflected in them" because "I also was the sort of person, really bad, a socially unfit fact, I am still-running away by stealth, bringing me to bars, taking drugs and alcohol, relationships with older men and younger ...

Anything you can imagine, I've done. " "It was simply a bad girl. And look at them and each show gets a little more than profiler, have a little more freedom and a little more than: 'I give a shit about bullies in my school'. For Somehow, the fans are the typical mass followers. More and more alternatives.

It is very strange and exciting, "he added. And still speaking of his "little monsters": "Sometimes being on stage is like fucking with my fans. They are the only people in the world that make me climax." And finally, what awaits Lady Gaga in the future? "Only she can imagine."

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