Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Michael Franti disc

New single and album for Michael Franti and his Spearhead. In radio you can ascoltareil song "Hey Hey Hey," which anticipates the arrival in stores of the new album "The Sound Of Sunshine," scheduled for June 14. The new production record of American musician a kind of solar shower of music, a song cycle bright, beautiful and exuberant, created to ensure that every kind of listener a sense of hope in dealing with the more hard times.

Speaking of the individual who opens this new musical journey, Franti says, "Initially, this song was called" No Matter How Life Is Today. "Every time we went to a concert after having played it, people asked us: 'Hey, where can we find that song is 'Hey Hey Hey'? Then we opened a poll on our website explaining how the song should be called.

The people have spoken and said, 'Hey'. " "Music is a ray of sunshine," says Michael Franti, one of the most successful artists in and aware of the current musical landscape. "Like the sun, the music has a chemical and a force that can instantly change your mood. Eneriga The music gives us new and greater determination.

The music something you can not keep his hands, smell, taste and even see, yet we feel these small vibrations that tickle your ears somehow manages to pull us up in the most difficult moments of our lives. " We fully agree!

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