Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beastie Boys show 'Tadlock's Glasses', another song from his new album

After introducing the last week 'Make Some Noise' as an advance of his new album, Beastie Boys return to the fray with another breakthrough paving the way to go to Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2. Posted in radio, as you can see by the announcer interrupts the final recording, "Tadlock's Glasses' lost the festive tone of the first court to hear the rappers to present in their most psychedelic.

Alone course and is not an issue made for love, nor do I have expected to hear many times throughout the day, but will have to see how it fits into Pt. 2 Hot Sauce Committee to judge properly. From now until the album is released on 3 May, expected to arise even more cuts, so be very careful touch.

Besides this, a few days ago also published the official trailer of Fight For Your Right Revisited, a short star-studded show will serve as a continuation of the famous video clip of 80. Do not expect any masterpiece of cinema, but you might at least have a good laugh themselves to give.

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