Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nacho Vegas concert in Bilbao (Kafe Antzokia, 04/07/2011): it is a classic

I guess no one thinks that when contemplating any Picasso painting that has been worse than the Guernica, it would be as ridiculous as when we get to say that the last record of someone is not up to the above and yet they keep doing every day. Nacho Vegas, with five studio albums and a slew of EPs and collaborations, I do not have to prove to anyone who is an artist from head to toe, one of the greatest musicians that has given this country over the last decade if not the best.

Enjoy live, supported by a band as established as forming Xel Pereda, Abraham Boba, Luis Rodriguez and Manuel Molina, is a real luxury. See the Spaniard take the stage with his eyes hidden under his bangs and hear his first verse goose bumps, because you automatically realize that he is guilty of all these as good and bad times we've lived for the past ten years .

To me that has to be music: emotion. He came to introduce the dirty and the first surprise, unpleasant in this case was to prove that, contrary to recent instances in this room, this time there was filled, when in Madrid recently spent three nights in Barcelona two . Yes, I know that these things should matter but I do not bothers me almost as much as to tell someone that you go to a concert Nacho Vegas and I look puzzled wondering if Nacho Pop singer had not died.

And we could say that there remained surprises. Against a background illustration reflecting Adolfo P. Suarez is based on the cover of her new album, the five musicians in perfect harmony were flailing about each of the ten new songs (I think that the only thing missing was 'The Human Comedy'), opening and closing concert with the same issues as the album 'When you get tired of me' and 'El Mercado de Sonora'.

Stripped of the vocals that bring the many collaborations that appear in the dirty, live lost that air of popular folk and becomes more Nacho Vegas (I liked more), to the point that many of these songs and sound like Asturian classics. He was shy, just went to public rather than to say hello and tell a story about a neighbor that had to dedicate a song.

He simply displayed as a mature musician, splurge and emotive professionalism and sincerity of his lyrics again become the real protagonists. El Manifesto Disaster brought us 'Stop Time' and 'Dry Martini SA' which was gradually rising in intensity to become the best in the concert, without being my favorite.

I was surprised to recover "I've lost 'from his collaboration with Christina Rosenvinge, that fatal summer, a record that over time I think it is not so bad and I really enjoyed' going to start raining 'in the Time of the Cherries, album I never tire of claim and listen, just as happens to me 'The man who almost met Michi Panero'.

He returned to make his version of Cohen in 'The Stranger' and their EP's, let us not forget that in this case are as important as his records, fell 'Speaking of Marlene' and 'Song of the palace # 7'. I still can not say I've heard 'El Angel Simon' live and in part I'm glad because that means there will be many times, without going further next month in Durango, where the touch and will not no matter.

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