Monday, July 11, 2011

Adele, lecture at the iTunes Festival 2011

On July 7, Adele was the star of the evening's iTunes Festival 2011, whose goal is to invite more than 60 artists to temper the nights of London in one of its most iconic venues, the Roundhouse. With her, it was impossible to fail, and how could it be otherwise, the British dazzled as he always does when he climbs on stage.

After a month of recovery after an outbreak of pharyngitis, Adele returned to tread the boards before a devoted audience and playing at home. This gave him enough slack to be able to stop and talk to people, and even joke about the canyon wind Beyoncé. The evening began with great anticipation, with a piano solo making a variation on the theme that catapulted to fame Adele.

'Hometown Glory' was the first single from 19, the debut of the English, which to date has over three million copies sold. A great way to remember how it started and how far it has come.

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