Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yoko Ono threatened to sue a pub called 'Lennon's'

The owner of Lennon's bar, Mike Craig, does not leave his astonishment. His passion and exuberance for the British band The Beatles, and especially by one of its components, the late John Lennon could lead to more serious problems. According to information published by the Web Jam Showbiz, which includes NME, Craig received a letter signed by attorneys for Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, in which he is accused of violating the laws of copyrighty given an ultimatum.

It's ridiculous, the bar called Lennon's for five years, among other things, the firm will require, on behalf of Yoko Ono, to change within 14 days, the name of his pub, which was named Lennon's in honor of the musician. Also asked to remove all memories of the establishment and memoralia related to Liverpool's Craig has been collected over the years and now adorn the walls and corners of the bar.

Otherwise, they threaten to sue. "It's ridiculous," Craig noted in a statement, "the bar has been named for five years." However, has already indicated it will withdraw all the symbols that remind the husband of Yoko Ono in the coming days. The pub in question is located in the Scottish city of Dundee.

Ono Nobody knows how that little has been pub-track tribute to the Beatles on the streets of the fourth largest city in Scotland. Ono has already been involved in other legal battles over rights to his image or deceased husband. In 2006, he sued the record label EMI and its subsidiary Capitol Records not to make him share some royalties felt they belonged.

Also, his legal team blamed the singer Lennon Murphy for using the name Lennon.

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