Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lenny Kravitz - 'Stand': the first single from her upcoming album, are you getting older, Lenny?

We are starting a summer we're coming marked by comebacks. Expected returns some more and others less so, but returned at the end of the day. Today we talk again about rock around, this time with Kravitz Lenny Kravitz protagonist is now more than 3 years in dry dock (if we ignore their collaboration with Michael Jackson), since It Is Time For A Love Revolution saw the light, and this August will be when we see change in this trend.

The timing of the publication of the continuation of that album is titled Black And White America, is 30 August, and we know also the tracklist. Furthermore, the heights to which we are already being able to listen to 'Stand' in many radio stations.

This is an optimistic theme, which aims to clap the rhythm of some support to those who are going through a bad situation, with that of the crisis or any other reason but to me it seems to me something soft sound to it Lenny Kravitz used to that billing. I do not know if I will go wrong, if perception is only mine but this Kravitz, as also demonstrated in his previous album, is still too far and issues such as' Mama Said 'and' Are You Gonna Go My Way '.

Perhaps one of those old rockers who begins to soften over time, much as the old rockers never die. It is still early to judge anything before he heard that Black And White America, which certainly points to the fashion collaborations, with people like Drake and Jay Z, but we can enjoy this 'Stand', which still sounding somewhat softer than usual, like a fresh theme and listen without any complications during the summer season.

01. Black and White America 02. Come On Get It 03. In the Black 04. Liquid Jesus 05. Rock Star City Life 06. Boongie Drop (feat. Jay-Z & DJ Military) 07. Stand 08. Superlove 09. Everything 10. I Can not Be Without You 11. Looking Back On Love 12. Life Is not Been Better Than Ever It Is Now 13.The Faith of a Child 14. Sunflower (feat. Drake) 15. Dream 16. Push

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