Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bette Midler accused Lady Gaga of copying one of her musical numbers

Lady Gaga, who raised hackles last week dressed as a mermaid act in a wheelchair, was accused by American singer Bette Midler to copy his musical number. "Dear Lady Gaga" it can be read on the Twitter account Midler, "I've played since 1980, so you can keep the dress of flesh and breasts with fireworks, the siren is mine.

"Midler, who appears on several recordings circulating on the Internet wearing a blue suit siren performing "New York, New York," published other more conciliatory comments on the social network, which praised the singer and said that "the sirens can coexist fabulous "." Gaga, what took you where you are is your wonderful voice, your skill with the piano and your songs that everyone wants to dance, "Midler wrote, adding:" That will never leave aside and the rest is just sugar.

"Lady Gaga played last week on "You and I" in the Australian city of Sydney sitting in a wheelchair, which earned him boos from the crowd and a shower of eggs at the stage that ended on his staff, as well criticism of many associations of disabled people in the U.S. Despite the controversy, the use of the wheelchair is not new for the singer, who had turned to her other performances or videos, like the single "Paparazzi" in 2009.

Nor is it the first time it is accused of copying the style of other singers and artists such as Madonna or David Bowie.

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