Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hypersonic bizarre: Ke $ ha is a 'School's Out' with Alice Cooper

We have seen hundreds of times the mainstream starlets (fill in the dotted line with Britney Spears or any like it or you feel like) doing cover versions of classic pop and rock mostly. It seems as if doing a live cover of a mythical theme, give them a touch of rebels who long to wear them. But what they get with regard to those who can not see them and if they are actually followers of the artist or band who releases? For his eternal hatred, of course.

Sacrilege, disrespect, desecration ... are some of the words that can to come to the mouth of those fans of rock shift. And there are times we wonder what could be going through the minds of who makes the cover, but what if we add the original artist by the starlet what version? Who may lose respect is the veteran rocker.

At this point, by Ke $ ha we will not bring her hands to her head. We know their "aspirations" rock, and even seen versions the 'Dead Flowers' by the Rolling Stones, but tell me what you think after seeing Alice Cooper himself with Ke $ ha, when it is dedicated to making a cover of his classic "School's Out '? Of course, Cooper is still in good shape, but what may have happened to join on stage to a girl like Ke $ ha, when we know that they are as different as night and day? The joy of seeing young artists are set in your classics do not think is enough reason to jump on stage with whoever wants to make a cover, right? But we must not put their hands to the head, because, oddly enough along to see Cooper Ke $ ha, some already know that this is not the first time.

Without going any further because he was seen playing the same theme with the A-Teens and has even been photographed not long ago with Lady Gaga. Or Alice Cooper does not care much shade tree that produces the snuggles, or is trying to get owners to promote that album called Welcome 2 My Nightmare has already done.

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