Monday, July 25, 2011

Rebecca Black: "My Moment" APRS buzz video of "Friday"

One of the Internet phenomenon of early 2011, Rebecca Black, is back with the video of his new song "My Moment." After his song "Friday", referred to as "Worst song in the world," the girl, aged 13, managed the Paris to renew the "buzz" around her character with her new video, which, in just two days of on-line, has already reached 800,000 views.

Since the launch of the video, more than 42 million people who watched the song Rebecca Black "Friday." After much criticism murdered, like the famous magazine "Times" that called the song "Worst song in the world", curiosity prompted users to look at more than 150 million times the video of "Friday".

In the middle of summer, the young American singer is back and presents the video of his new song "My Moment." This is his moment, his moment of glory ... Rebecca Black cheerfully taste the joys of success. Rebecca Black's song was made by Blue Brandon Hamilton, producer of several tracks from Justin Bieber.

The video of the single "My Moment" shows the path taken by Rebecca Black since she became famous thanks to "Friday." A vocal coach would have happened by that? "My Moment" from Black Rebeca is the first official single of a 5 track EP to be released at the end of August.

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