Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rihanna: A fire in Dallas concert!

A fire broke out in the middle of the beautiful Rihanna concert in Dallas. In full U.S. tour, after a few little problems of organization, as the departure of Cee-Lo Green, the spell persists here a bit on the tour of Rihanna. During his time in concert in the city of Dallas to "American Airlines Center," Rihanna was forced to interrupt his show because of the Declaration of fire.

Reason, a projector above the stage would be ignited. Taking advantage of a video posted on YouTube by a viewer, one can clearly see the flames glowing above the stage. For safety reasons, particularly the risks of damage from the fire on the structure attached to more than ten meters above the ground, the Rihanna concert was interrupted.

Tens of thousands of people had traveled to attend the concert of the "Loud Tour" of Rihanna in Dallas. Things have been complicated in Dallas for Rihanna. With a day that had been somewhat turbulent for Rihanna, whose flight to Dallas was grounded on July 8 due to bad weather. The epilogue to the events taking place on Twitter where Rihanna did not hide his rage at this concert unfinished.

"We set fire to the stage tonight," before adding in a chirping follows: "I hope you are all safe! I promise that I would return! ". Rihanna also announced it would soon be more information on the reasons for the fire. "Loud Tour" continues his journey across the U.S. A and continues on its way to Texas.

After the city of Dallas, Rihanna headed to Houston where now there is hope that the superstar hits set fire to the stage, but only figuratively!

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