Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Björk, video, and remixes of 'Crystalline': one that points to the remixes by chapters

Today we are going with a double 'Crystalline' by Björk. That this is a topic that brings us back to the best Björk and deserves to be the single to bring forward its next job is something that we have already commented here, so you better get into something new. If he had been chosen single was sung to accompany him a good clip, and as many know, the guarantee for this is provided by the confirmation that Michel Gondry, who has already collaborated with the Icelandic in a total of 7 times, would be after cameras, both for this video to the concept of album they want to become Biophilia.

The result, indeed, enters the eye, leads us to the moon and brings us back to earth to get in the middle of the dance floor: same as the issue that comes, of course. But the video does not come alone. Today, it has begun shipping the second installment of The Crystalline Series, a series of EPs in which you can find both remixes of the same theme that gives name to others that will be included in Biophilia.

The first, which has been a few days on sale through Björk's official website, includes the tracks 'Crystalline' and 'Cosmogony' passed through the filter Ghenena Serban, while the second part, is remixed by Syrian Omar Souleyman and contains the items 'Tesla' and 'Mawal', apart from that remix for 'Crystalline'.

For the third installment will have to wait until August 2, but more than likely be worth doing, it is none other than Matthew Herbert remixes who will deliver back to the same two themes of the first delivery. That is the timetable for the moment, but it was not surprising that there were gaps new delivery to add to the list, or to repeat the operation as they are drawing new singles Biophilia, but that falls into futurology and are things you just know Björk and those around her.

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