Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Adele prepares the successor to the album "21"

Adele wants her next album is more acoustic. It is through this statement that the English singer has just made its entry into the studio to prepare following his record-breaking album "21". While "21" Adele is poised to become the album of the decade, the singer does not let off steam and engage in a new album project.

Whether in the United Kingdom, the United States or the rest of the world, Adele continues to lead the rankings in record sales. The British singer is a real phenomenon. His talent shines and attracts a wide audience. Also, his album "21" and the singles from the album, "Rolling In The Deep," "Someone Like You" and "Set The Fire To The Rain" are on everyone's lips.

This week in an interview with the magazine "Q," Adele says. The singer would take full control to create his next album. It sounds harsh but does not scare Adele. Having met many artists, including rapper Jay-Z last week, the English singer has some ideas for his next album. Adele started a few tracks on the content of his upcoming album.

Adele does not want a big production, and will continue to work as it proceeded on the album "21". "I want my next album is more acoustic piano with me going. "She also said. Adele began writing and composed several songs. In his interview to the magazine "Q", Adele has also announced its entry into the studio to hear his new songs.

For this new project, Adele wants to get involved in all phases of créaqtion "I want to write it, record it, produce it and thus control everything." No date has yet been advanced for the release of this new album because Adele insists "I think it will take much longer to do my album alone.

In addition, the sound engineer, which should help me set up my recording studio and show me how to use it, is not yet available. ". Realistic about the stunning success of the album "21", Adele hopes to produce a more intimate album. Success will be more contrasting, but can advertise equally impressive for the rest of the career of Adele.

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