Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Justin Bieber: new album in November 2011?

Information about the new album by Justin Bieber seems to thrill the blogosphere. While social networks ignite every time the singer is a chirping sound on Twitter, the music producer Jim Jonsin who reveals to the MTV site, some information about the contents of the next project of Justin Bieber. While the Blu-Ray "Never Say Never," the bio pic of Justin Bieber is available for sale, music producer Jim Jonsin, working on the next album by Justin Bieber.

The initiator of hits for Beyonce, Usher, Kanye West or Jamie Foxx just said to MTV that he had "musical ideas for this new album." The producer said he wanted to work on his music that worked well in the 80's, as he says, the song by New Kids On The Block "Please Do not Go Girl." Jim Jonsin said: "I want to do for Justin Bieber something like" Please Do not Go Girl "because it will make the girls crazy.

Maybe not this song, but something with the same sense. A bit of soul, R & B, but also pop. ". The producer also said that when he offered to work with Justin Bieber, he did not know what to think of the singer and what music would suit him. In reading about Justin Bieber and after seeing the autobiographical film "Never Say Never," he confessed to having been inspired by the story of the young phenomenon.

"I have a renewed respect for this young man and I am honored to work with him," concluded Jim Jonsin. The last word on the release of new album by Justin Bieber, announced for the month of November 2011, for the name of the album. The name of "Believe" is mentioned by many fans of Justin Bieber.

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