Thursday, July 14, 2011

The popular video Justin Bieber 'Baby' removed from YouTube?

The clip of Baby, the most successful musical to date Justin Bieber, could not be available in the next few hours in the YouTube videos server. And all for a sophisticated algorithm that allows users to review their contents. The double negative votes to the positive on the site YouTube On Thursday, counter pointed out that the YouTube video Baby officer had collected a large number of negative votes (users have selected the "I do not like" after viewing the images ) than positive.

Specifically, at 11.30 am on the number of Internet users who had indicated that they liked the clip were 784,923, compared to those who had expressed the opposite, totaling nearly double (1569251). This can be crucial on YouTube, a site that used to remove content based on reception with these on the platform.

But while its elimination is in the air, it is likely that blood does not reach the river and the idol of teenagers can continue setting the pace from the most popular video site. It seems to be an official video of the singer, the record would always be informed before the removal of the clip 'and even need your permission.

A consent that surely will not come. Meanwhile, fans of Bieber on the verge of collapse in Twitter. With hashtag # dontdeletebaby, Justin Bieber fans will ask the rest of fans who register on YouTube and give the button 'I like' in the video the singer to make YouTube remove the video no.

Other more radical comments warn the platform if they decide to withdraw 'Baby' boycott the platform. "Dear YouTube, roses are red, violets are blue, if borráis Baby 10 million girls will attack you," one fan in the form of poetry in English. Others, however, appeal to the disgust that the singer would take if the video was removed.

"# Dontdeletebaby because Justin Bieber would" very sad "he said. Despite the barrage of comments on Twitter, will have to await the decision made about YouTube.

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