Monday, July 4, 2011

Antonio "El Potro" Alvarez remix recorded with "Fire"

After winning their first 2 songs: "I do not know you" and "Blah, blah, blah", to become global hits, Antonio "El Potro" Alvarez scored another success in his career as a singer, it is recording-with-fire over the remix of "stuck" in recent times "A pod crazy." As we did not know himself "Pony" in the coming days will record the official video for this song again and said that "sell" part of our majestic geography, something that certainly has characterized the video clip that this handsome artist has done.

It is important to know that Antonio "El Potro" Alvarez has just returned from an extensive tour, which performed alongside Chino y Nacho, for several U.S. cities. Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and Colorado saw the most important musical phenomenon of our country in recent times: "I am extremely happy and pleased with the responsiveness that we had in America.

In each city we visit the people welcomed us with excitement and all those who came to our shows non-stop singing 'Blah, blah, bla'y' I do not know you, 'something that filled me with pride, "said" The horse ", who also thanked his manager and Marlon Peña Villalobos Paul for making it possible union with Fire, gives thanks to Nacho who is his producer.

Next week the remix of "A pod loca" Fire and Antonio "El Potro" Alvarez will start playing on national radio and is sure to become another blockbuster.

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