Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse's mother: "It was a matter of time"

Still in shock by the sudden death of his daughter, the mother of Amy Winehouse, Janis, confessed on Sunday that what had happened to Amy was "was only a matter of time," according to a statement released by the Sunday Mirror. Amy Winehouse, crack and roses days also revealed that Amy had been with just one day before and the singer seemed to feel good.

"He left saying," I love you, Mom, "said Janis, visibly affected. The father of the soloist, Mitch, who was in America when the news broke and flew quickly to England, said he was" destroyed. "Amy was a great daughter, sister and granddaughter hours later, Winehouse's family issued an official statement signed by the parents of the soloist and his brother.

"Our family has been left empty by the loss of Amy, a great daughter, sister and granddaughter "he said. The note also called for privacy for the relatives in these" terrible times. "Just a few years, Amy's parents recognized the suffering and worry that the habits of his daughter had done:" We've been seeing killing itself slowly, "he lamented in an interview then.

Meanwhile the artist's ex-husband, Blake Fielder Civil, he told The Sun that he was" more inconsolable ":" My tears will not dry Amy. Everyone who knew us knew the depth of our love. I can not believe she's dead. " The causes of death of the young man did not know until they show the results of the autopsy, which is expected to occur Monday or Tuesday.

Meanwhile, several newspapers forward some details about his death. For example, the artist had passed a medical examination 24 hours of death in which he had not been detected any serious health problem. Apparently, the author of Rehab used to undergo regular medical examinations because of the problems that had caused his addiction to drugs and drinking.

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