Monday, July 11, 2011

Sade: "Love Is Found" in the video!

Currently in full U.S. tour, Sade Adu and her band does not stray so far from musical landscape by making us happily enjoy a delicious video clip of the song "Love Is Found," from its superb compilation "The Ultimate Collection. " Sade is one of the best musical back in 2010. Ending a decade of absence, Sade Adu has delighted us with her fantastic album "Soldier Of Love" which won a Grammy Award this year.

As of last April, Sade has again spoiled with his compilation "The Ultimate Collection." A new "best-of" bringing together his best tracks and three unreleased, whose song "Love Is Found," which has been illustrated by a beautiful video. This new song by Sade, "Love Is Found" is the second single novel that has "The Ultimate Collection." After the song "Still In Love With You", the sublime resumption of the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy, Sade offers us a video of a song delicate and sensual, exquisite for summer evenings.

"Love Is Found" is an original song written by Sade Adu. The video clip, shot in real conditions, and allows us to live to see the quality of the service group. Shot in black and white silhouette images rivals the stage play produced by the dancers of Sade. In full agreement with the song, the video of "Love Is Found" is simply magical.

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