Monday, July 18, 2011

Pixie Lott: "All About Tonight" and a new album 2011

Chose promise is a promise, lee 15 July 2011, the singer Pixie Lott unveiled the video for her new song "All About Tonight." Sent to the radio a few days before, the new song from the lovely Pixie Lott announces his new album scheduled for November 7, 2011. Until we have more information on this new album, Pixie Lott gives a nice overview of the contents of it with the song "All About Tonight." Two years after the success of his album "Turn Is Up" singer "Mama Do" seems to promise a lot of changes since the hit that has revealed.

Pixie Lott, sets the pace with his new single and reveals a very interesting pop charisma. We discover an electro pop sound that seems out of the studios of producers in fashion. For several weeks, Pixie Lott invited us to live every day in the form of teaser video, he returned and the result seems to succeed.

Energetic pop sound on "All About Tonight," which comes with a makeover for the singer that seemed more reserved in his previous clips. Now we find a girl who has blossomed want to show what it does and it sounds great advantage to please listen to the melody of "All About Tonight." We can easily imagine a change in musical style on the new album Pixie Lott to be released on November 7.

The song "All About Tonight" is announced in September, September 4, 2011.

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