Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Michael Jackson's lawyers try to stop the sale of his secret collection

Michael Jackson's lawyers try to halt the sale of its secret collection of fortune The controversy of the 'King of Pop is grabbing covers. We have now discovered that a secret collection of Michael Jackson is being sold by "official channels" and a ridiculous price. Something that family lawyers are trying to stop.

Michael Jackson died two years ago. Since then the subject of his legacy is still highly topical. When it appeared that the lawyers were all controlled by the artist a new fortune haaparecido composed various works of art and the artist's characters. The pieces could be part of the inheritance of their children's problem this valuable collection is being sold by "official channels" to an anonymous person.

As if that were not enough, Star magazine has learned that the 182 pieces are being acquired for $ 87.7 million, though its real value is 900 million. Faced with this vending, lawyers of the late King of Pop 'are trying to stop the sale, as assured by the publication, the buyer would have paid 37.7 million upfront and the rest would pay now.

Apparently these secret parts should also be part of the inheritance of his three children, Paris, Prince and Blanket, which is why lawyers are fighting.

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