Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kaskade: "Call Out" new single from "Dynasty"

At the height of his career with the release of his album "Dynasty" Kaskade continues to thrill crowds at the 4 corners of the globe with his latest music. After "Fire In Your New Shoes" a duet with Dragonette or "Do not Stop Dancing" with Haley, his protégée, Kaskade not let off steam with "Call Out".

New from the album "Dynasty," "Call Out" is a progressive house as in the pure vein Kaskade productions. A melody that blows like a breath of fresh air at a rate e, we find the sweet angelic voice of Mindy Gledhill that his mark on the delicate production. To power "Call Out" on the dancefloor, Kaskade offers aficionados a remix.

Available in digital for several weeks, the original Kaskade is accompanied by a remix produced by Digital Lab, and listening on the radio! The pace of work is sustained for Kaskade. Since the release of the album "Dynasty", the artist has continued to perform on different stages and clubs in the world.

Kaskade has, among others, made a marathon tour in Brazil. A series of evenings in various clubs in the country where Kaskade went dancing and to present a large audience.

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