Thursday, July 21, 2011

Morgan Page "In The Air"

With summer, the DJs do not miss the call and finest electronic music producers bring new waves of sounds for dancing crowds in Ibiza to Miami via St-Tropez. Among the latest releases to date, hard to miss the new Morgan Page "In The Air". As a specialist in progressive house, which has already delighted with excellent songs like "Longuest Road", Page Morgan takes advantage of the summer wave to make us dance on a new production fresh from his American studio.

"In The Air" is a highly effective way in collaboration with Sultan, BT and the influential Ned Shepard. "In The Air" is a progressive house tune in the state of the art. A true progression that leads to a climax, until the voice of Angela McCluskey recognizable. Artist known for his solo career and involvement in artistic projects that took her music to the production of short film, Angela McCluskey lends his passion and charisma to perform the song "In The Air".

For fans of Morgan Page, it is very easy to find inside of "In The Air" all the ingredients that made the success of titles such as "Longuest Road" and "Fight For You", which of also earned a nomination at last "Grammy Awards" Morgan Page. Thus, this fruitful collaboration with Sultan and Ned Shepard BT brings new fun for all fans of DJ and producer Morgan Page.

"In The Air" is a must for the selection of progressive house your summer 2011 that is sure to dance on the beaches the most "hype" on the planet. Enjoy with "In The Air" listening on the radio!

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