Monday, July 4, 2011

Javiera Mena live in Bilbao (Charade, and Kafe Antzokia 06/29/2011, 30/06/2011): Alaska departs

Something is happening in the indie scene are Chilean or us up? In reality no more than 3 or 4 groups: Denver, Gepe, Javiera Mena ... they are making so much noise in our country that we have already adopted. In my experience with the indie made in Chile has been a bit of everything, with Gepe I can not, I fell in love with Denver the first and Javiera Mena has me completely misplaced.

When a lot of people say you have to be happy with it because "it hits you," at least guess you feel the curiosity of music perception that others have of you. I've tried a lot of times, their second album Mena is the most I've heard this first half year and the total confusion that gave me something so viejuno and modern at the same time so familiar and so new, I slowly unintentionally trapping position was entirely up to see it live.

I found it as difficult as I like to answer whether or Fiordaliso Richi e Poveri. Now I have no doubt it is. Javiera Mena finally arrived in Bilbao and did it twice. The intimate format Wednesday at playing in the shop window Charade and the next day, with band in Kafe Antzokia after offering acoustic Fnac who did not attend because I seemed obsessive.

Lo de Charade was a true pleasure and I would like to congratulate the organizers to encourage them to give us more shows, festival of its kind. No more than 30 people sitting on the floor of the store and she there, as modosita in the window with his guitar, with a huge lamp on one foot and many arms (again modern and classic) and after City moving it to its usual pace, undeterred.

Its most emblematic songs like "Delve into you ',' Suffer ',' Until the truth 'and my favorite' First Star ', as you can see in this video, sounded completely different without synthesizers and programming. He gave me 'Hey Dad, hey mama' Pic-Nic (Jeanette former band) to be the only parent in the room.

A great luxury. We chatted with her, drank a glass of wine and take home a signed copy of their Limited Edition Picture Disc. What more could you ask for? Viewing morning to repeat the lie seemed Antzoki concert we were at the same person. Now, it all sounded like the album, although it had improvised band for their Spanish tour with The Right Ons Martin on drums and Aurora Beam Boat accompanying on keyboards.

Would not it be logical to bring to yours? The shy girl who yesterday wore jeans, black Converse and sucks now appeared in a cloak of Carlos Diez gave him the same look and retro galaxy that has its music. Joan Baez Björk ¿? I have not yet clear whether his is the most modern or is merely an extension of the Italo-disco of the eighties, but I do not care.

I do not think she knows exactly the place and simply make songs with such skill that you get to join because of its apparent simplicity. His live work, it was more than an hour but did not stop dancing even one second as these festivals in which based on classics and songs of the summer if you let yourself go and have bundled.

This time the version that fell was the irresistible 'I do not ask the moon' which contained their first album Youth Schemes and that it is my new guilty pleasure. Whenever I have clearer I want to enjoy concerts and have fun and that sense of Javiera Mena has been the best so far this year.

Is looking for a place to live and develop their careers outside of Chile and would not surprise me to stay in Spain. So far he has promised to return before the end of the year. I think now that Alaska is in the doldrums, it would be better to devote himself to jacer reality shows with Mario, who is given very well, and let his place is taken by other layers that shine more and coming from Chile.

Care that comes with great force and the public is exactly the same. Going to rule, notice.

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