Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kelly Rowland - Here I Am: it was time for you to believe that they could

Kelly Rowland has sweated blood, sweat and tears when releasing their third album, which assumes that the alternative would have to give final solo career and finish, by the way, with constant comparisons with Beyonce than it has be quite tired assured at this point. Here I Am has come to the shops after a pre-filter close enough to the release date so that did not involve a commercial slaughter, and initial reactions have been generally positive with the usual exceptions.

There is something that is easy to reach agreement in this regard is that it is the most confident work to date Kelly Rowland. It is noted that the wait has come to fruition when tracklist combine intelligent, entertaining, eclectic and fun, and the singer has enjoyed this album, something that is passed in every one of the cuts.

The momentary change of pavement Kelly Rowland into electronics worried me at first. David Guetta has been the featured garden more than one and seemed to have done well with the former Destiny's Child, but luckily it has been more than an experiment that is captured in a single song on the album, the already known ' Commander ', which lies in a very subtle arrangements of some other song, but never quite ends insurmountable, more like a slight sheen, as in' Turn It Up '.

The R & B is the mainstay of the album and rarely gets out of there, just uses arrays of other styles to color some issues, like 'I'm Dat Chick, "which opens the album with an overwhelming confidence that feel a glove with this artist, who has seemed in the shadow of his companion for many years to see it revived in this way is like a breath of fresh air.

As you say it: The line pop mixed with R & B cuts happier - and less aggressive - like 'Lay It On Me', I was more bland when he first heard from the rest of the disc integrated as a most of the work. The collaboration here with Big Sean is again one of the best bets of all, because that is when their partenaires snuggles when more and more rappers Rowland shines.

'All Of The Night', with Rico Love, is one of the sexiest halves of his career with 'Motivation', its single star and the best song on the album. Here I Am has ten songs, within the overall average but pulling it low, and the truth is to be appreciated. He fails to saturate at any time, and the songs are organized so that the mixture of styles lightens the total and to enjoy each one without falling into monotony.

Especially successful is the placement of 'Commander', virtually closing the album with another bet dance disc, "Down For Whatever," which in his style I find it much more interesting than its predecessor and attempts to discover Kelly Rowland gradually to become a dance diva Donna Summer style.

But I fear that the road that lies ahead is not long, is endless.

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