Monday, July 18, 2011

Radiohead, second batch of remixes, with Nathan Fake and Mark Pritchard: another gem collectors

Radiohead want to be a constant in the musical information for a good while, and as a way to get successful is to publish this series of EPs with remixes of the themes in The King Of Limbs that has all of us expectantly. Earlier this month we could already start to listen (and some lucky ones to treasure) which offered the first of these 4 12 ", and today, we can leave you listen to what they offer in the second.

Now, as you probably know by now, the issues were remixing 'Morning Mr. Magpie' and 'Bloom', but this time, the first is signed by Nathan Fake and second we have 2 remixes, made both by Mark Pritchard (one under his alias Harmonic 313) instead of one. You see, two names (3 if you prefer) rather than dedicated electronics that ensure a good British success rate and in advance, the task of remixing this, in itself, personal issues.

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