Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Radiohead are already thinking about re-spin, so all prepared

Instead of starting a concert tour after The King of Limbs as do most bands, Radiohead have chosen to stay in the study and introduce new topics, remixes and some other live recording. Since then his only visit to a stage has been to participate in the Glastonbury festival, so there was already a real groundswell for a tour in conditions.

Good news for both the drummer Phil Selway has declared in a BBC interview that the band is thinking of turning back, but have nothing yet firmly decided. There is little now, but the prospect of having announced dates back to Radiohead is well exciting. Selway himself has been the most active in recent months as a couple of days put on sale a solo EP called Running Blind.

On the other hand, has also announced another 12 "with three remixes from The King of Limbs: 'Give Up The Ghost' (Houseghost Thriller Remix) 'Codex' (Illum Sphere Remix) and 'Little By Little' (Shed Remix ).

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