Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beyonce Video 'Best Thing I Ever': could not be more tasteless

Beyonce is in full promotion of their fourth album, 4, whose end result turned out to be full of ballads perfectly correct, but which, by their sheer number, they end up saturating the most patient. Cuts is riskier, more aggressive tribal and where this woman could not be more glaring, as it did in its first single, 'Run The World'.

The second theme to accomplish simple tasks was a part-time closest to the ballad to the accelerated pace of his predecessor. 'Best Thing I Ever "was written by Babyface and Patrick M. Smith, a regular contributor to Usher, Ciara, or Amerie, three great black music of the moment across the pond, and produced by Symbolyc One, an MC of a proposed underground hip hop, which is quite eclectic combination.

The choice of this single may not be the most successful - certainly seems much more interesting 'Countdown', or if you prefer to go slower side, 'I Care' - but I console myself that it could have been quite worse. The video, unfortunately, has nothing special. It is clear that it was time to take another spectacular display of dance and body flexibility, but in the clip 'Best Thing I Ever' is sin of blandness, elegance vacuous and ultimately, to have very little.

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