Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Son of Bob Marley: "My father had many wives and my mother many sorrows"

- Ziggy Marley has proudly kept alive the musical legacy of his father, but also wishes to remind lovers reggae differences between him and the legendary singer. In his new album, the eldest son of Bob Marley, 42, reflects on the lessons he learned from his father, who died of cancer at age 36. In "The Roads Less Traveled" (the road less traveled), sings about his father's womanizing habits and inability to leave behind people who flattered when he achieved success: "My father had many wives and my mother had many penalties.

The friends who surrounded him became enemies. " Marley said in an interview that although he was pleased to promote the brand of your family - through the comic strip "Marijuana Man", for example, or the drink-stress "Marley's Mellow Mood" - has maintained a circle of friends small and has avoided build any kind of entourage.

"I'd rather be alone than have a million adults around me," Marley said during an interview at his home in Los Angeles. "You do not know what is at the heart of some of these people. You do not know who you can trust. " "That's why I sing this song, because I learned what I saw as a child and decided to take another route," he said.

"My father and I crash when I was younger, much younger ... I had different ideas and gave them to know. When he did not like. He got angry. I guess I had strong opinions since I was a little boy. " The fourth solo album of Marley, "Wild and Free" (wild and free), also includes a song that subtly recalls when he left his native Jamaica, entitled "Get out of Town" (go the people).

The winner of five Grammys now lives in Miami. "He is the field and was not born in the city. Once I said that. Not to be a country boy, "Marley said, referring to his father. "He was upset about that. And again was on the braids (in the style of the Rastafarians). I said 'You can not have braids ...

He was very upset. Every parent really wants their children to be like them. " But now that Marley-who did have braids, has matured, one can argue that his voice and his style of reggae Bob evokes more than any other member of his famous musical family. "Were it not natural to be like him, do not would.

But as a natural evolution to have many ideas and features of my father, then fine, "he said. Marley also touches on political themes in the album and sings Woody Harrelson on the legalization of marijuana. At home proudly displays a picture of his family on a visit to President Obama and his family in the White House, but not completely enthusiastic about the performance of the president.

"I think it's a good person and want the best, but the policy is a game and if you want to be a politician you have to play and you have to evade the truth. You have to change things so you can not truly be honest as a politician, "said Marley.

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