Sunday, July 31, 2011

Radiohead cheer the weekend with an excellent new round of remixes

No time for a breather, so we have Radiohead with its series of remixes by different artists on themes from his recent work The King Of Limbs. Just 10 days you were presenting the second round and today we are already filled with the third. On this occasion, the subjects chosen, as most should know by now, are 'Feral', 'Morning Mr. Magpie, "which repeats after appearing in the second round also,' Separator '. No one can say that none of the deliveries have gone short of big names, no, but this time we have an excellent reason to be concerned: Four Tet, which is responsible for remixing 'Separator', while 'Feral' is left in the hands of Mr. Magpie Morning Lone and falls under the responsibility of Pearson Sound.

 From the outset, and I can say we are, once again, with 3 excellent remixes. Quite demanding and not recommended for lovers of fast moving consumer electronics, but who come to appreciate more with each listen. 'Feral' has remained fairly close to the original, remaining as a subject eminently instrumental loop with a minimum of voice, and in which the star is the pace, if concessions, bases loaded with high bpm in the issue of coming.
For its part, the new reinterpretation of 'Morning Mr. Magpie 'can not be defined rather than experimental, and the work of Four Tet, like almost everything he does, is once again brilliant, capturing the essence of the original cut of Radiohead especially not having played more than necessary making it more immersive if possible, but with the right touch of his usual good taste, based on changes in the rhythms and bursts of sound "glithcy" that both like for their own issues and that here, in my opinion gets even better 'Separator' original.

So, once again, another "must have" for all those lucky enough to get a copy of the vinyl, and others, is waiting for all the remixes are collected on a single disc, but for that we must wait some time yet.

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