Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The last words spoken by Amy Winehouse: "I want a nap"

Alone and in bed. That's how he died on Saturday the young Amy Winehouse, whose last words were to his bodyguard, "I want a nap." His security man (hired two years ago) went to wake her and then discovered the tragedy. He alerted the emergency services. This is the version that the representative of the artist gave Monday to the British media about the last hours of the lady of soul.

Amy Winehouse, crack and roses days so young that remained in the 27, with a voice capable of deleting any of the little episodes that starred successful has it all to be part of these young achievers whose death threw a final stardom , unforgettable ... classic. A death in solitude accentuate the myth and legend continue to grow.

The circumstances are unclear (The Sun said Monday that the artist was dead when they arrived hours toilets), will be clarified when to disclose the results of toxicology tests (between two and four weeks), and an autopsy is you have had has not specified the cause of death. A sudden death, however, soon found liable in the history of drug and alcohol singer.

The British media have identified as a possible cause an overdose, but it seems that the thin singer had visited a few days ago a doctor because I wanted to rehabilitate. British police, before such assumption, has called for an end to constant speculation. Parents have been able, despite the terrible tragedy, to thank the fans for his daughter.

On Monday, when they approached the house cordoned off by Amy in Camden Town (North London), Mitch and Janis Winehouse thanked those present for their sweetheart. "I am shattered and speechless, but thank you for everything," said his father told reporters and fans. "People on the street, all I have to say is how much this means to us.

It really is becoming much easier." Continue, as noted, all Jewish traditions to bury his daughter. The mother could not refrain from tears at the flowers, candles, photos of the singer, cards, bottles of alcohol and a small guitar that fans had taken the doors of the house of Amy. Excited, Janis took photos of those memories.

The tragedy served as expected, sales of second album Amy Winehouse, Back to Black has been multiplied by 37 in the UK since it became known the death of Amy Winehouse, according to The Official Charts Company. His album was among the 100 most searched, ranked 81, but 48 hours after his death and had risen from place: 54.

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