Monday, July 25, 2011

The Bayreuth Festival Opera opens its season

- The Bayreuth Festival Opera opens its season hundredth anniversary with a view to a more rounded, the bicentennial of the birth and 130 years after the death of Richard Wagner, who met in 2013. "We look to the future," said Eva Wagner-Pasquier today, co-director of this musical event in explaining the reasons for this anniversary will be remembered in a modest way with an "internal party participants" of the festival, founded in 135 years.

However, the great-granddaughter of German composer stressed the importance for both the organization of the festival, as "to the city (Bayreuth), Germany and the world to reach one hundred years." "Otherwise there is no planned nothing special, due to time and budget, "said Wagner-Pasquier at a news conference while recalling that this year marks 60 seasons as well since the festival was relaunched after the end of World War II by her father Wolfgang Wieland Wagner and his uncle.

Looking anniversary in 2013, Katharina Wagner, festival codirector, announced that the artistic director of the Volksbühne Berlin, Frank Castorf is likely to be responsible for the staging of "Der Ring des Nibelungen." "I am pleased to announce that we are in negotiations (with Castorf), although no final confirmation," said Wagner, while confirming the Russian Kirill Petrenko as musical director.

He also noted Serbian designer Aleksandar Denic as possible of this new staging of Wagner's tetralogy. This afternoon, the season starts hundredth with a new staging of "Tannhäuder" by two newcomers in the festival, Sebastian Baumgarten in theater direction and Thomas Hengelbrock the baton.

"I'm happy that (Hengelbrock) is at front of the musical direction (...), was the couple wanted, "said Baumgarten, while Katharina Wagner, co-director of the festival, spoke of" a symbiosis from the perspective of the public. " For the scenery, which promises to be a challenge for the play, the actors and the audience, Baumgarten has relied on the Dutchman Joep van Lieshout, who become the Wartburg in a biogas plant.

"I tried to move the set the contrast between good and evil, rational and irrational, "said Lieshout about his work in" Tannhäuser ", first included on the agenda of this cultural event by Cosima, widow of Richard Wagner in 1891. According to Katharina Wagner ahead to "das Magazin Bayreuth", "this new staging evoke certainly controversial discussions".

"However, these controversies do not seem all bad. Art is dead if all you do is consume (...) The art is alive only if you discuss and I think that is going to happen, "he said. According to the composer's granddaughter, "if you play as timeless as the works of Wagner for such a long period, there must also be right to reinterpret them." The title role in this new version lies in the Swedish tenor Cleveman Lars, who played for the first time to "Tannhäuser" in Halle last year and also debuted at the Bayreuth Festival.

Michael Nagy complete the cast in the role of Wolfram von Eschenbach, Camilla Nylund as Elisabeth and Stephanie Friede, like Venus, Günter Groissböck as Landgrave, and Lothar Odinius as Walther von der Vogelweide, all for the first time in the Festival Wagner. "Tannhäuser," the great romantic composer's work on competition Germany minstrels in the Wartburg, was released on October 19, 1845 in Dresden and this will be the version you can listen to the public festival, concludes on 28 August.

In addition to "Tannhäuser," the program continues this year's "Lohengrin" by Hans Neuenfels, conducted by Andris Nelsons, despite critics alike at its premiere last season at this musical event par excellence of the lovers of Wagner. The public can also view the "Tristan and Isolde" of Christoph Marthaler, directed by Peter Schneider, and Stefan Herheim interpretation of "Parsifal" under the Daniele Gatti dirction.

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