Monday, July 4, 2011

Born July 4: 4 songs and a great song to celebrate the day of the U.S.

It's not a pro-American or anything like that ... I think I might consider rather the opposite, but it is true that America and its culture have given us and have inspired some of the greatest songs ever. The largest not going to find here, that's what I notice, but at least a couple of them if they already have their place in the history of music.

The three other, more recent, still have to let them, and you may not expect to get. Either one way or another, here are four songs and a great song to celebrate the 4th of July, Independence Day for Americans. You will not need me to tell you (again) the story of this issue and the accompanying album, because as most here know and does many shows, 'American Idiot' album belongs to American Idiot is a rock opera created and performed by Green Day.

Even led to Broadway, the world of music, instead praising the American culture is rather critical of her, and above all, the "beloved" president was George Bush (Jr.). Of course, not go into the annals of rock history, but has a huequecito fact, although I do not say much, I know that you are more that you enjoy this song, so here it is again.

In fact, between the UK and Sweden walked the game. Razorlight, indie band touches (though more mainstream with aspirations shooting) launched in 2006 self-titled album which included this 'America', a half-time in portraying (or at least trying to) the feeling of half the world : expectation to America; midlife aware of what goes on there from Europe or from almost anywhere in the world.

For something that has best been exporting American culture. Now if, comes one of those classics that you said earlier and arrives pretending to bring the pride of being American by flag, 'Born In The USA', one of the songs that we first come to mind when thinking about the topic of this post.

It's simple, just ask if anyone does not know this. If it's the best thing the Boss has done or not, I leave for the staunchest (I'm not, does not mean I do not like huh?). The funny thing is how it has come to identify a song critical of cutting a hymn and a landmark of pride in being American, as is the case of one of the classic Bruce Springsteen known by all, when we should take just the opposite, and that we should always take the chorus of a song as the most important part of it.

Another contradiction of the Americans, of course. Another reason that Americans have always been proud of her girls is, at least if we trust what they show in movies, series, books or songs, and there was Tom Petty Heartbreakers with a little digging on the topic. I say topic because the case of 'American Girl' is similar to 'Born In The USA', all that we do not stop to tease point we think it is a compliment to American women, when in reality the issue is the dream American, but unfulfilled, for a small town girl that based on deception and put to the acid eyebrows pulling off a cliff.

Apart from the issue, so if you become clear is that this is another classic that I mentioned at the beginning, a theme, at least for me is timeless. Of those that I never tire of listening ever with the best Petty almost all times, and this was already in his debut back in 1976 ... could start better? The least important was whether American girls are this or that, what matters is that Petty knew and knew how to transmit it.

And I keep the end another essential for me, of course, but of electronics. One issue that has nothing to do with the previous, and has no lyrics, so you can attribute meaning that you want, but just seeing the video Paolo Alberto Lodder, this Italian who hides behind the alias Dusty Kid chose to adorn the gentle techno of his song 'America', extracting part of the footage of the road movie Vanishing Point (American of course) and we can deduce that is done more good as a tribute to America, their culture, endless road ...

Enjoy it to the end, that although you do forever, I assure you that the last 2 minutes they will put hairs on end, unless I have put in and on other occasions.

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