Monday, July 18, 2011

Controversial Shakira concert in Mexico concentrated to 150 000 people

Some 150,000 people attended the Saturday night a free concert of Shakira in Merida (eastern Mexico) that had generated controversy over its cost, estimated at two million dollars, authorities said Sunday. A dozen giant screens had to be enabled for little more than 150,000 supporters of the Colombian singer who gathered in the grounds of an old railway station in Merida (Yucatan), estimated by the council and local police.

Civil society organizations had convened a series of protests at the same time the concert because of its high budget and the suspicions that might come entirely from public funds, but it was never carried out. The authorities in Mérida (about one million people) had said that the 'show' would cost about $ 1.5 million and financed the flow of tourists and business contributions, but gave no further details.

Finally, the cost was "two million dollars or a little more," said the end of the show producer Dario de Leon. Among those attending the concert were players of the Mexican U-17, which are world champions last week. Shakira continue to tour The sun comes up with seven other performances more in Mexico.

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