Monday, July 4, 2011

The numbers 1 electronic music again cited in the Creamfields Andalucía

With a new location this year, leaving El Ejido Almeria and moved to Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucia Creamfields bet a year by a cartel composed of the most established names in electronic music of the past two decades. The festival, sponsored by the prestigious hall Cream in Liverpool, will take place on 13 and 14 August in the racing circuit of the city of Cadiz.

Fertilizers (70 euros) are entitled to attend the concerts of two days, while those who wish to camp must pay an extra 12 euros. The organization has described his program as "complete and heterogeneous". This includes a wide variety of styles, from trance and techno to house and electro-and, among other advantages, will host the only concert that legendary band The Prodigy will offer this year in Spain.

These are the headliners of the summer appointment. The Prodigy. They have over 20 years shaking scenarios with their subversive and techno rave punk. The band's Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim Reality Andalusian take advantage of their performance to be presented in premiere some new songs that will be part of the album already recorded and is expected to see the light at the end of the year.

Paul van Dyk. He is used to lead the list of international DJs. Dubbed by his fans as PvD has come to be nominated for a Grammy and is one of the most respected producers. Instead of bringing home canned sounds, the DJ will use two MacPowerBook allowing you to create remixes at the time of the concerts.

Trance and promises fun. 2Many DJs. These Belgian brothers have become an essential formations of most international festivals, either in the name of 2Many DJs, as well as Soulwax. They are considered the kings of the current bootleg, ie the art of remixing different themes to create other pieces.

They are also known for his mash-up or combination of two songs that sound simultaneously and generate a new one. Felix Da Housecat. Coming from Chicago, is one of the most important figures in house. It became popular in the early 2000's thanks to the remixes of themes of Madonna, Britney Spears or Kylie Minogue, some of which were then used to acclimate video games, movies (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) or series like The Sopranos.

In Creamfields present his latest work, Son of analogue, which has been defined as "a return to the beginning." Tiga. A decade ago, this electro DJ and producer Canadian began to break into the world of electronics. Then his cover of the 80 Sunglasses at Night Corey Hart was installed at the stations and dance floors for months.

It is also known for the remix of Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb or Madame Hollywood Felix Da Housecat, as well as their own material. Armin van Buuren. Music producer and trance DJ has been voted for four consecutive years as the best DJ in the world ranking that makes Dj Magazine. In their mix shows, in addition to trance, from progressive to electro house or techno.

It is one of the most anticipated in this year's festival. Richie Hawtin. For several years, has more than 20 in business, was considered the great guru of techno music. Fascinated by electronic minimalism, gave birth to some of the most important albums in the style of the past decade.

Rhythm and energy offer bathed in a halo hypnotic. Laurent Garnier: As Hawtin, other historical bits. In your case, your resume goes back to the late 80's with the explosion of acid house. One of the great references for many DJs today. In Jerez de la Frontera present a show shared with Benjamin Rippert (on keyboards) and Scan X (machines).

A show unpredictable. Delorean. Maybe his name does not yet have the cache of that enjoyed by other artists with whom he shares the bill, but in Gipuzkoa offers an interesting example of pop synth lover who has been praised beyond our borders.

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