Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lenny Kravitz offers his new song for 48 hours

Lenny Kravitz offers his new song, Rock Star City Life, for 48 hours. As a prelude to the publication of his ninth studio album, Black and White America, Lenny Kravitz offers the song, from this Friday and only during the next 48 hours, that can be downloaded for free from the official website.

The theme moves in a similar style to 'American Woman' and 'Fly Away' The song, which moves in a style similar to American Woman and Fly Away, is a small sample of the paths by which they move their new album, with its fusion of classic funk and rock as predominant line and has another issue, Stand, as a single presentation.

Black and White American has on 22 August. This is the continuation of Lenny Kravitz - Let Love Rule (2009), an album that celebrated its twentieth anniversary in the music world, which has sold around 35 million albums as their label, with hits like Circus or I Belong to you.

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