Friday, July 29, 2011

Selena's brother prepares five new albums by the singer

Sixteen years after his tragic death, Selena's popularity is intact. His legend grows, like the tango Carlos Gardel, Selena "sings better every day" and continues to generate money. Throughout the years, Selena continued "singing" through the disks and compilations that has brought his father, Abraham Quintanilla and Capitol EMI Latin label.

After his posthumous album (Dreaming of You, released in 1995), more than ten productions were released as compilations and special commemorative editions. Perhaps the most valuable is "Through the Years" (1997), which included a version of "Feelings" Selena recorded when she was six years.

The news is that this was not all: more Selena, and "may arrive before year-end or early 2012," said Quintanilla told The Associated Press. From one of the three studies of Q Productions in Corpus Christi Quintanilla added: "I own five masters of Selena before his tenure with EMI (Latin).

There are 50 songs in total. We selected ten and we will update the music. We bring this to the sound that is popular today. " The idea was to take voices that were recorded when Selena was 14, 15 and 16 years, and recorded with new music and a new style. The production will be made by Selena's brother AB Quintanilla III (Los Dinos, Kumbia Kings, Kumbia All Starz).

According to Quintanilla, Selena's 50 songs are divided in five teen CD of ten songs. Although not revealed the names of the songs, if subjects are told that the star recorded between 1985 and 1988. So far, of the ten songs selected for the first disc there is only one finished, "I'ma friend," originally recorded as a ballad in Alpha (1986), his third album.

The song was written by Ricky Vela, Los Dinos keyboardist and author, among others, their big hit "I have no more." "His records sold at that time very little," Quintanilla said, "so most of the songs are practically new." Producers believe that the five compact now be sold because they belong to an era full of freshness, when neither his family nor Selena imagine what the future hold for them.

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