Friday, July 1, 2011

Radiohead announce remixes of 'Morning Mr. Magpie' and 'Bloom' ... and sell in minutes

The King of Limbs will be what you wish to be (one pass, a disappointment, a pain or bloody record of the century) but Radiohead fans and their pitching is the best example of unbridled fanaticism. The band has announced a few hours the launch of the second 12 "from his series of remixes and has managed a few minutes take it out of stock.

As much as you call on the page Phonica Records, little you can do now to get the single. You said so on the label "limited copies, so do it fast ..." And so. In the second twelve inches of the series which is planned, Nathan Fake (Border Community) remix 'Morning Mr. Magpie' and Mark Pritchard for two remixes of 'Bloom'.

Supposedly put on sale officially on 14 July, but this has been the early takes of the Bastille. Two thousand copies have flown and that the first of the remixes, in which participating Caribou and Jacques Greene has not yet gone on sale either (opens on July 4). By the way, he released a remix of Caribou nothing Thom York himself in one of his DJ Sets: Yes, I know that yours is much more like the new theme debuted nothing and told us about Gallego, 'Staircase '

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