Thursday, May 26, 2011

Alex Ubago, Lena Jorge Villamizar and presented in Madrid their disc set

The singer Alex Ubago, Jorge Villamizar and Lena Burke presented his latest work in Madrid, a record set of unreleased tracks to themselves of a "musical affair" with which have been enriched as artists. Thus, their voices and instruments together in an album called Alex Jorge Lena, who is already on sale and which is signed by fourteen compositions combine them.

In an interview, the trio claims to have achieved a "pop fusion," as defined by the Cuban Lena, with a result that, in the words of Spanish Alex, is "happy and even dance, and you notice the touch distinctiveness of each. Lena has provided Caribbean rhythms, Alex pop-rock style, and George has been "the bridge between them", as indeed the Colombian musician, who celebrates the "great rapport and chemistry that permeates the group." We found that there was a great harmony between us and so we jump to that according to Alex, just experienced difficulties in their different styles together, and Lena believes that an experiment of this kind has worked through "the illusion and the will" they have laid him.

With the intention not to confuse their fans, the trio has clarified that this work is not the beginning of a long-term project, but it's "holiday" as specified Lena. "We found that there was a great harmony between us and so we launch into this," the Cuban singer, who adds that each of them will continue after their "walk alone", we never rule out future collaborations.

This alliance, as explained Lena and George, came "to trade." Both were in Miami writing songs together, when they discovered "how well it sounded" interpreted by themselves. With that experience in hand, first thought of starting a duo, but it was George who suggested the addition of his friend Alex and form a trio, something that "wows the label," says a Spanish musician, "which" encouraged all time to take the project forward.

" As the disk rotates, Alex believes the scenario, the fact of seeing all three at once to share his music, he says, "the strength of the project." A scenario where, in addition to interpreting the songs of the album together, the trio ventures into three voices versions of songs from their solo careers, which, according to Alex, is a "strong appeal." On Saturday, the three musicians will play the album in the festival "Valladolid Latino" and then continue their tour in Mexico and South America, which they hope to finish in late summer to begin at that time a tour of Spain still realize .

Currently, the three artists are working on his next solo albums, and Lena looks to repeat his role as an actress in a short film shot in Spain.

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