Monday, May 30, 2011

Amy Winehouse returns to delay his album: They tried to make me go to rehab ...

And I said no, no, no. Although in this case, the response of Amy Winehouse must have been different from the already legendary song. Five years, said suddenly, and separate us from that great Back To Black that made half the world turn their eyes towards perfidious Albion to marvel at what appeared to be the confirmation of one of the best artists of the decade.

However, these five years has been plagued by news rarely related to music and other personal problems with the singer. Addictions and bad companies to gradually withdrew his dazzling career and began to spot his talent and professional skills. But when skepticism had seized many of us, there were all kinds of statements in which he stated that the new album by Amy Winehouse would be in the market much sooner than expected.

Few - if any - of these predictions came true, until today we learned that Amy Winehouse's third album is finished, but the release date is yet again because the singer has had to return to undergo rehabilitation in a London clinic. Sources close to the English confirmed both that the album was ready to go as that date depends entirely on the internment Winehouse output.

As you can see, this album seems the work of El Escorial. At least we seem to have confirmed that the disc is finished and just missing the previous promotion, so as Winehouse out of hospital should be able to get down to work. Not forget that is announced in the Bilbao BBK Live poster, so we'll see if he can get complete and true to your appointment.

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