Friday, May 27, 2011

Christopher Cross: "Doctor Faith" album 2011

What a pleasure this week to find huge Christopher Cross with a new album. After more than 13 years of musical drought. American artist offers us a new album "Doctor Faith" simply magical. Christopher Cross released his first album Christopher Cross in 1979 and was an immediate worldwide success. On his album, there are titles that have become classic American pop music.

Some of you surely remember tubes as Christopher Cross' Ride Like the Wind, "" Sailing "" Say You'll Be Mine ". In 1981, the dedication to Christopher Cross. He won five Grammy Awards for his self-titled album and wrote the soundtrack for the movie "Arthur" by Steve Gordon. Christopher Cross released subsequently, 10 studio albums that mark the rest of his career.

His reputation is there and fully recognized. In 1984 he even wrote the music for the official anthem of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. With this new album "Doctor Faith", Christopher Cross has somewhat neglected keyboards recognizable of his greatest hits like "Ride Like The Wind" or "Never Be The Same." A revival in the style of Christopher Cross.

We quickly recognized the unique voice and writing quality of the singer. With "Doctor Faith", Christopher Cross shows he has lost none of his genius as a songwriter and very talented performer and delivers an album whose every song pushes us inevitably to the next. Sound production of this new album can sometimes surprise, but quickly, his captivating energy and freshness that we offer Christopher Cross with 13 new songs we refer to a musical reflection tasty.

We can note the presence of her longtime friend Michael McDonald in the chorus of the song 'Dr Faith', as he did on the hit "Ride Like The Wind". The new album "Doctor Faith" by Christopher Cross is a new departure for the artist with a style that is both more minimalist and contemporary but retaining its musical structures of yesteryear.

A result always as pleasant to listen. Finally, for those who would consider a side trip to Bandol this summer, Christopher Cross will perform for a single date for the summer festival of the city, Thursday, July 21! Here is the list of songs from the album "Doctor Faith" by Christopher Cross 01 02 Hey Kid I'm Too Old For This 03 When You Come Home 04 Dreamers 05 November 06 Leave It To Me 07 Faith 08 Rescue Doctor Help Me Cry 09 Still I Resist 10 11 12 Poor Man's Ecstasy Everything 13 Prayin '

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