Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sex Museum + Helltrip live in Oviedo (Room Kandela, 05/27/2011): A rock & roll machine

The truth is that if you have it seems impossible that a Friday was so much variety of concerts in the region. And now I count them: Russian Red, Angry and Holywater in Gijon, while in Oviedo were Angelus Apatrida and Sex Museum + Helltrip. I did not hesitate at any time, plus I think it was the first action was first confirmed: it was time to see how it works Live Again & Again, the new album from the Sex Museum incommensurable.

After the debacle of Locomotive, his former record company with which launched in 2008 a summary of his long career, Fifteen Hits That Never Were, the Madrid band began to develop a song that have published their own label, Tritone Records, which created to output that was parallel band, The Coronas.

The group's concert guest Helltrip, started an hour late due to technical problems apparently due to the soundboard, which was to be replaced by another unit. Thus, Mieres had fewer minutes to confirm that they are a very powerful rock & roll. Oviedo Animal presented in his second full-length, first letters in Castilian, and knocked on coltsfoot.

At breakneck speed, dispatched in just three quarters of an hour fourteen songs with the best of his new debut, red linen, and his very recent collection of songs. The first 'Hell on Earth', 'All Destroyed by Love (Love Too)', 'I Always Listen to You ...', 'Six Years' and' Animal ', and the second' Faith ',' Burns', 'Anxiety ',' Inseparable 'and' Grudge ', plus version of' Massacre 'by Thin Lizzy.

If you go to your town be sure to see them. Later, Sex Museum, a band with her performance in Room Kandela I think I have played in all the hells that there was and is open in the city. No complex, knowing and knowing we are a genuine rock & roll machine, bet on the material of his thirteenth album, including direct and compilation, and did not work out too bad the play.

Clearly, the quintet has made a new breakthrough in their music. His rock hard, macho rock called him Fernando Pardo, has given way to a high voltage rock in which the guitars are a bit like the Hammond organ Marta Ruiz and there garage, psych and roll Who, items that have always been on the card but with different tones.

Live, Sex Museum in 2011 is as overwhelming as the other times I've been lucky enough to enjoy it. No cracks in no time. It sounds so good and so convincing that you enjoy from beginning to end. Most are full with Again & Again, leaving ink only in the syrupy 'Keep Running', and attest that convinces her new song, perhaps more than in its studio version.

'Again & Again "opened the concert, involving, subtle as the movement of a snake, eventually ensnare, joined the' Masterplan ', cut very melodic, and recovers after' Two Sisters', the true anthem and emblematic issue band. Miguel Pardo is still a real stage animal, a great singer that is 50% of a grupazo.

Hammond organ and Marta Ruiz fumed when it sounded 'I've Lost My Faith ", and the rhythm section with Loza and Javi Vacas was a bulldozer to tear down the slopes of the killer guitar hero Fernando Pardo. 'Landlords' was very dense and "I Enjoy The Forbidden' and 'Flying High' I realized that are classics.

And 'Let Me Go Home', 'Save Your Soul', 'Go Go Rocker' or 'Can You Stand My Love', are not small feat. Before bis 'Seven Days' became for me on his new Two Sisters, while the bis watts were on a very large review of its 'Red Ones' and cataclysmic version of 'I'm Free', The Who, with a lengthy speech of Fernando Pardo.

Try it live and if you find something better let me know because I'm not going to convince.

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